The second lessons I picked up from The Farnam Street Blog regarding their conversation with Naval Ravikant is about timescales.


One thing I figured out kind of late is that generally, at least in the tech business in Silicon Valley, great people have great outcomes.

You just have to be patient. Every person that I met at the beginning of my career 20 years ago, where I looked at them and said: “Wow, that guy or that gal is super capable. They’re so smart and dedicated and blah, blah, blah. Now we’ll just be friends or hang out or whatever”, and then I kind of forgot about them, all of them, almost without exception, became extremely successful.

You just had to give them a long enough timescale. It never happens in the timescale you want or they want, but it does happen.


I have shared similar themes a few times over the past few years. I have written time and time again about the focus on processes and the long run versus short run timescales. Things work out… in time.

But, it was refreshing to hear these framed in a different and compelling manner.

I love the idea of single player games and of outcomes never happening in the timescale you want or they want.

I have learnt time and time again that it is easy to find ourselves caught in the rat race.

It is easy to forget that we are not rats.

And that it is not a race.

PS: Here is a link to Lesson #1: Single player games

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