If you find yourself stranded in the desert with nothing but an endless supply of chips, you are going to die within a week.

The same thing could happen to you if you had nothing but water to live on, it would take longer but be just as fatal.

Hunger and thirst are similar, easily confused but very different.

Our culture of corporate consumption tries to persuade us that being hungry is all we need.

We are always encouraged to be hungry. Hungry for success, hunger for ambition, hunger to climb the corporate ladder, hunger to belong to a certain clique of people, hunger to look a certain part.

Hungry to earn more, buy more, save more, spend more.

The culture celebrates the hustler who does not know how to stop, asserting that this person is getting all the fancy prizes because they are contributing so much.

Status is awarded to the unsatisfied hungry person.

But they might still be thirsty. Thirsty for meaning and connection.

Thirsty for the satisfaction of creating beauty. Thirsty for meaning, for caring, for listening, for lending a helping hand. Thirsty for doing work that matters.

More hustle won’t satisfy those needs.

Stay hungry, yes. Stay foolish, absolutely, but stay thirsty as well.

People long for ambitious people who cares.

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