If there is one thing that the Corona virus has forced us to do is to rethink our lives.

Working from home has never been something that most bosses would have thought about until the Corona virus forced them to think again and let their teams work from home.

Even though eLearning has been there for a while, most students and universities have not adopted virtual learning as something to embrace fully until Corona virus forced us to think again and adopt eLearning as a teaching method.

Going to a restaurant for a dinner date, or to a soccer game for the local derby, travelling to a conference in another country, hugging someone dear to us, or giving a handshake are things that we used to take for granted, but Corona virus has forced us to rethink these practices if we are to survive.

What we now know is that when the pandemic started, those who were willing to rethink their positions, their lives, their habits, and their routines, were able to bring the virus under control, but those who refused, deliberately refused to mask or were slow to rethink their habits, were caught unprepared by the virus.

Rethinking is a life skill, it is a survival skill.

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