Lifehacker has an interesting article on email closing lines.

I found the graphic very interesting. Given the amount of email use these days, I personally could do with some additional emailing tips and tricks every once in a while.

The graphic was very interesting.

My preference for closing lines are as follows –

Official Unknown:

Best Regards/ Thanks and Best Regards

Thank you and kind regards

Known and Higher Up:

Thanks and Kind Regards

Known well:

Warm Regards/Best Wishes

Known very well:


Personal Unknown:





Known very well:

Hugs/Love and Hugs

I have wondered how these make people feel.

I notice that I personally don’t like emails with no salutation [as I feel they are a touch too transaction-like].

Email mannerisms are important, you can pick the tone of the author through salutations. It is like “hello” on a phone call.  

What are your favourite closing lines? And how do the above lines make you feel?

Source: Lifehacker

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