She said: “Tell me something beautiful”

He replied: “(∂ + m) N° = 0”

This is Paul Dirac’s equation, and it’s the most beautiful of all physics.

It describes the phenomenon of quantum interference, which states that:

“If two systems interact with each other for a certain period of time and then separate, we can describe them as two different systems but in a subtle way they become a single system. What happens to one continues to affect the other, even at a distance of miles or light years.”

This is quantum interference or quantum connection. Two particles that at one point or another have been united are still somehow connected.

No matter the distance between the two, even if they are at extreme opposite of the universe, the connection between them is instantaneous.

This is the same thing that happens between two people, a bond that only living beings can experience…. we call it Love.

— Anonymous

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