The problem with not having an accountability partner is that you are likely to go astray and no one will nudge you back.

When you don’t have someone who holds you accountable, you are likely to go rogue.

Leaders who don’t have accountability partners are likely to become a law onto themselves.

Accountability is the glue that ties your commitments to your results.

Accountability partners are made up of one or more individuals who are willing to hold you accountable.

The idea is that, once someone other than yourself knows what you need to do or what you want to achieve, there is a greater incentive to go out and do it to avoid having to explain why you did not.

Think of it like homework. If you were left to complete it in your own time, chances are that it would sit to one side as you came up with excuses why you would do it later. 

Now if you had a teacher [or, say, an accountability partner] who was expecting to see that piece of work by Friday… well, with all the same excuses, you still need to get it done.

An accountability partner knows what your plans for the week are, they cheerlead you on, and they ask you for feedback and share advice on how to improve.

When you start a business, register for a course, go to gym, or even do life, get an accountability buddy and allow yourself to be be held accountable.

An accountability partner should feel safe to challenge when you are not keeping your own commitments.

Having an accountability partner keeps you on the straight and narrow, focused and they encourage you. They are your ride or die buddy.

Almost nothing worth accomplishing can be done alone.

Do you use accountability partners? Share you experience with us below.

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