Will they notice that you have left?

There are lots of ways to be noticed.

You can be loud. Argumentative. You can be sour, difficult, a bit of a diva.

You can take offence at every opportunity, crack jokes at the expense of others, or merely frown.

You can use exaggeration, drama and shame to get your way.

You can spam people, shout a lot, interrupt our day.

You can create a scene, engage in a scandal and bully others.

Your brand or your personality can be the one that we would all prefer never to hear from again soon.


You could be the one we would miss if you were gone.

It takes quite a bit of emotional labor to pull this off.

Consistent effort to care, to contribute, to see possibility and to be patient.

If it were the easiest or most direct path to a short-term goal, everyone would do it.

Because we live in a world now based on connection and trust, because we work with our ideas and our emotions instead of our muscles, because our reputation is what we have to offer, the effort is probably worth it.

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