Energy is either created or destroyed.

Newton was right about physics, but in organisations and cultures, the opposite is true.

You are either the person who creates energy or you are the one who destroys it.

You might be the one who initiates projects, who asks: “what if?” or eagerly says: “I will do it.”

The person who finds and amplifies and supports the good work of others. The spark. The ignitor.

Or, it is possible you are the passive one, the naysayer, the bystander, the one who manages to eat the donuts at the meeting but not actually add much in the way of energy, kinetic or potential.

You can choose to be the generous one, the caring one, the one putting in more than you take out, surprising everyone with a never-ending flow of generosity.

Or, you can find any of one hundred perfectly acceptable explanations/excuses/reasons why you are merely an absorber of it.

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