Everyone has an ego.

Very rare that people will accept that they have ego.

And everyone protects it, consciously and unconsciously.

For example, if you have an ugly nose, your brain eventually tricks your eyes into not seeing it every time you look in the mirror.

So the more and more you see your face, your brain has accepted your big nose and it has now become of your normal.

Same goes for pimples, or waistlines.

That is how you protect your self-esteem.

Without this small amount of self-esteem, you would never go outdoors for fear of embarrassment.

The trouble is it applies to business too.

As a leader, manager, entrepreneur, you have weaknesses.

Your brain will blind you to those weaknesses to protect your self-esteem.

So you find ways to justify your weaknesses.

“I’m like this____ [insert your weakness] accept me the way I am. I can’t change myself.”

That is where the trouble lies.

Open your eyes. Look at the truth of yourself.

Burn your ego before it burns you.

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