You can tell a lot about the hygiene of a place, by the hygiene levels of their restrooms.

The restroom facilities at The Gold Reef City or at ______ [your favourite restaurant] are clean. Restrooms are not a profit-centre, of course.

They don’t make restrooms clean because they are going to charge you to use them. They make them clean because if they didn’t, you would have a reason not to come.

It turns out that just about everything we do involves cleaning the bathrooms.

Creating an environment where care and trust are expressed.

If you take a lot of time to ask, “how will this pay off,” you are probably asking the wrong question.

Certain things matter, they matter not because they are at the front and centre of the show, but because they are the foundation of the show, even when they are not the glitz and glamour.

It is important to care about “restrooms” the same was we care about the show.

When you are trusted because you care, it is quite likely the revenue will take care of itself.

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