Actions and reactions drive our happiness.

If our actions are aligned to our purpose and values [i.e. if the what, why and how are in place], we give ourselves a good shot at happiness through what we do.

However, our actions make up a smaller part [10%?] of our life experiences when compared with our reactions.

A big part of life is just dealing with stuff that happens to us. Some of this is driven by our actions and some of it is just random.

To deal with all this “stuff,” the single best happiness increasing skill is the ability to keep perspective.

So, if things did not work out this week, this is just a reminder that the setback for you was, perhaps, a miracle for someone else.

What goes around does come around and your turn will come, too. And now, for the best part of today’s lesson, a quote I came across:

“The sinking of the titanic was a miracle to the lobsters in the kitchen.”

Indeed it was. What a great lesson in perspective.

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