If you get hit by a car now, you will probably be injured and traumatised.

You will remember this event for a long time. Every time you see a car you will be nervous for a moment.

But what if I said this car did not hit you, but it is still killing you.

What if I said the fact that the car did not hit you does not mean this car [together with other cars] is slowly killing you.

You will not agree to this assertion because how can a car that missed be responsible for killing you.

This car together with others, passing on your street daily, emit a dangerous substance out of their exhaust systems.

Over time, say 10 years or so, when you inhale the smoke emitted by cars, you are likely to die premature death due to lung diseases.

We are likely to respond to things that traumatises us than things that harm us in a subtle manner.

Change is difficult because we don’t get to see the immediate impact of what happens when we don’t change.

Air pollution, climate change, unhealthy foods, sleep deprivation, alcohol abuse, are harmful, the fact that they are not dramatic in harming us does not mean they are not harming us.

Just because it is not dramatic, does not mean it will not be traumatic.

Prevention will always be better than cure.

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