Segomotso Samboma: Managing Director at Sizzle Cafe [Pty] ltd

  1. Tell us what you do and what your work typically entails

I am a caterer, my work typically involves prospecting for potential clients, and  doing presentations, which eventually leads to me cooking and providing food for the closed sales. I am also handling sales in a leadership position for an amazing Tech company , I believe that going through the Lora Centre has equipped me to consider other income streams based on all my skills.

2. How has the Lora Centre helped you level up and grow?

Lora Centre has given me the tools I need to see myself as an innovative leader in my business and professional career. We were also encouraged to keep a resilient mindset. I really managed to see myself and business differently, meaning I realised the importance of understanding everything about it, we were taught to develop a business model canvas, which shows you your value proposition, the key activities you need to perform, customer relationship management as well as the key resources you need. Even though COVID-19 has hit us hard, I still draw inspiration from the Business Canvas Model on my wall.

3. What’s the #1 thing that made a different for you about Lora?

The teaching style was extremely encouraging. The lecturers genuinely wanted to see us win. The work was also very practical, you could apply what you learnt on the very day it was taught.

4. What’s something that you have approached differently because of what you have learned at Lora?

My confidence grew a lot, I really started to believe in myself more. All we have is our mind set, then everything else seems possible. I registered for Lora at a time when I needed to grow as a business, I had also struggled with one course that set me back in a very reputable educational institute. I was emotionally crushed to say the least. Lora Centre could not have come at a more opportune time.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is considering the Lora Centre or to a first time student?

I would advice anyone to literally get clicking, register now. This is a life changing experience, apart from the knowledge that you can apply to your business. You will also get life lessons that will see you through until the end of time.

6. Any other comments or recommendations about the Lora Centre?

I am indebted to the Lora Centre for the passion that they have towards touching entrepreneurs and leaders. Everyone has the potential to be a high performer in their space.

Lora Centre is here to give you the platform to realise your potential through interactive learning that is both practical and realistic. I have also embraced failure and now see it as an opportunity. I have learnt that pressure is a privilege as said by Doc Roche.


If you would like to register for the entrepreneurship programme at the Lora centre, please apply now online on:

The programme starts on Friday, 22 January 2020 at 18:30, the classes are online via Zoom.

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