COVID-19 has humbled us to a point where we are afraid to make grand new year’s resolutions for 2021.

Few have been announcing their new year’s resolutions. Others have decided not to have any resolutions yet.

It makes sense, COVID-19 has halted a lot people’s plan in 2020 that they are not sure if making new plans for 2021 will be effective.

No travel, no conferences, no freely moving around without feeling the anxiety of getting the virus.

So, no plans for 2021.

The thing about goals is that living without them may be prudent [and fun], in the short run.

It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact, those people have goals, one way or another.

You want to study? Do it online.

You want to attend a conference? There are online conferences.

You want to travel, well, maybe not now, how about read books instead. Reading is like travel, it allows you to exit your own life for a bit, and to come back with a renewed, even inspired, perspective.

How about spend less time on social media and learn to build something with your hands, paint, draw, write a journal, or book.

You can get so much done when you spend less time on social media. Just because you are not posting it, does not mean it is not happening.

Making plans around COVID-19 is better than not having plans at all.

Organise your life. You have a clean sheet of paper and a pen, doing nothing because you are waiting for the pandemic to pass is not an effective option.

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