In the era where jobs losses are high due to the economic slow-downs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurship has been highly recommended as one of the options to consider for those who lost their jobs.

But is entrepreneurship for everyone?

I found an interesting answer by Hector Quintanilla on Quora Digest and it thought it is worth sharing:


Why is the lion considered the King of the Jungle?

  • He’s not the tallest … giraffes are taller.
  • He’s not the biggest … elephants are bigger.
  • He’s not the heaviest … hippos are heavier.
  • He’s not the smartest … hyenas are smarter.
  • He’s not the most intelligent … Chimpanzees are more intelligent.

When an elephant sees a lion, he runs, even though he’s bigger, stronger, smarter, and more powerful than the cat.

The elephant is a VICTIM of how he thinks!

Now, when the lion sees an elephant, he charges towards the elephant because he believes he can eat the elephant.

What’s wrong here?

The lion is the King of the Jungle because he has a different attitude. A lion’s actions reflect the way he thinks. This attitude makes all the animal kingdom respect the lion more than any other animal.

Now to answer your question, the entrepreneurial life is not for everyone, do you agree and why?

I disagree.

Picture this: Two persons, same skills, same degrees, same economic conditions, same location, same problem identified by both. One thinks “lunch” while the other thinks “danger.”

Difference? Attitude.

Attitude is the result of beliefs. Our actions reflect what we believe. We become what we believe. We limit ourselves by what we believe.

No one can live beyond the limits of their beliefs.

No degrees, no training, no titles, no money, no networking, no people … can substitute your belief system.

So, stop thinking “I can’t do this.” Stop making excuses. Change your belief system. Your ability to become an entrepreneur is trapped by traditions and your culture …

… and of course our broken Industrial Age educational system.


I believe those who adopt what Carol Dweck [2015] calls a growth mindset can achieve a relative level of entrepreneurial success.

If you combine the growth mindset with what Malcolm Gladwell calls deliberate practice, your chances of being an outlier increases.

It is important to have an attitude and a mindset of a lion to be an entrepreneur.

Image by kolibri5

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