Life has a way of making sure we face a continuous stream of ups and downs. It is akin to mountain climbing.

If you are on top of the mountain right now, you have probably endured a lot of hardship as you made your way uphill these last weeks.

And, if you are currently enduring hardship, you’ll be at the top in due time.

The wise realise this and ensure they don’t get too high when they reach the peak and feel too low when they are stuck in the weeds. 

This perspective keeps them focused on the bigger picture. The important thing is to keep climbing.

The one trait I have observed in people who seek to make a dent in the world is that they don’t wait around for life to hand them the next mountain climbing assignment.

Instead, they go look for it themselves. They take up new responsibilities, start projects, attempt to drive change and make things happen.

This means they sign themselves up for more intense climbs than most and fail to reach the peaks they want more regularly than most.

But, as you might have gathered, it is not in the peaks that life is lived, but in the climbing.

And, people who make a dent go out of their way to find new mountains and keep climbing.

Yes, they fail. But, yes, they also learn how to be relentless in their pursuit of the next thing.

And, it is thanks to that relentlessness that great things happen.

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