Every decision you have ever made was influenced by a story, every single one.

From the decision about whether to wear a mask during a pandemic, to the clothes you choose to wear.

A story you heard, the story you believed or that story you told yourself, had an impact on those choices.

The most effective way to move people to act is by telling them a story.

People remember stories far much better than facts and figures.

Go back to your primary school days, I bet you are likely to remember a story you heard or a poem you did in class, far more than that maths problem you had to solve. [unless you are Sheldon Cooper who remembers everything :)]

Storify your product, and your business.

Have a story around products. Let your business be an amazing story.

When you pitch an idea, tell a story.

When you give a talk, tell a story.

The best stories wins.

We all have stories to tell.

What’s your story?

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