The English word company has its origins in the Old French term compagnie [first recorded in 1150], meaning a “society, friendship, intimacy; body of soldiers”, which came from the Late Latin word companio [“one who eats bread with you”].

Building a company means bringing a group of people, a society, to break bread. Hence we say “I’m in good company.

This means whoever you are with, you need to be able to get along in pursuant of a goal.

Building a company is more than just bringing people with the right skills together.

You can hire your team purely on professional competence, and in most instances, competence is critical, or you can look at their ability to work at as a team, “to be in company.”

Talent is important, but what is important-er is when that talent can work in a team.

Competency should not be about having technical competence only, but it should also be about being a team-player.

The idea is to build an company in which groups from different fiefs, work together, rather than in competitive silos.

It is about being able to break bread together.

Ultimately it is not a competency vs. team-ability, but competency with team-ability.

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