Look at your life right now. How much of your life is dreams you have taken for granted?

Maybe it is owning that nice car.

Or, perhaps, it is living with a partner you fell in love with.

It could also be that university education.

What about your job? Your kid? Your lovely home? Or, that neighborhood?

But, every time you realised a dream, you were probably off thinking about the next one.

Got into university? Seems like we should think about getting that job. Got that job? Maybe it is time to start worrying about that career.

It is easy to take for what you have for granted, because you think there is better out there, and so you keep chasing.

It is a never ending cycle.

As we run from one day to the next, it is easy to forget that most of what we take for granted today was the stuff of our dreams a few years ago.

Now, there always is a reason to be dissatisfied.

There is always someone around us with the fancier home, better qualifications and the bigger car. But, it is easy to forget that our biggest dreams as kids revolved around wanting to earn our own money and to make our own decisions. And, voilà! Look at how well that turned out.

There will always be that next dream. While pursuing these dreams makes our life what it is, just for today, let’s stop for a moment, look around, take a deep breath and give thanks to this life.

Perhaps, as we look around, we will realise that we should stop spending as much time in the future that we are dreaming about.

For, it is very likely that we are already living a life that is the stuff of our dreams.

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