In a world where attention has become both currency and commodity, it is tempting to believe there is a direct correlation between influence and impact.

The modern definition of an influencer is someone who can persuade people with their recommendations. An influencer is said to be someone with a large following and uses the influence to impact the followers.

But it turns out, the people who have the greatest impact are not necessarily the people with the most influence.

Impactful people are not necessarily people who have the attention of a huge following.

Being impactful is not a popularity contest.

Our impact is not only measured in crude metrics like attention.

A lot of impactful people are not influencers.

Think about the people who have had the most impact on your life, a patient teacher, your parent, a caring friend or a wise mentor. These people likely made a difference, with something they continually did, not just something they once told you to do.

Change happens when more people seek to be less influential and more impactful.

We get to choose which matters most.

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