When we think of ideas of various kinds, those that spur creativity, gratitude, or learning for example – we generally start off assuming we don’t have them.

However, once we begin to pay attention to them [e.g. by writing them down], we realise that there is more of them than we first thought.

You know that situation when you want to buy something [e.g. a particular make of a car], you start seeing that car all over.

You want to buy an iPhone, you start seeing iPhones all over.

Ideas are pretty much the same.

When you start working on ideas, you start seeing ideas all over.

Want to see new ideas? All you needed to do, it turns out, is change how you see. Once you habitually do that, you shift your perspective. And, suddenly, ideas are everywhere.

It turns out that having great ideas is not something reserved for some special few people, having great ideas is an acquired skill.

Great innovators are not born, they are made.

Once you learn how to see ideas, you start seeing ideas all over.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 03 November we start on a short-course on how to see ideas. The Innovator’s DNA short-course is about developing skills on how to see ideas.

How to see you in class tomorrow.

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