Here is something I have been thinking about recently.

Organisations don’t fail because they don’t have people who can execute, but mostly because they don’t have enough people who think creatively.

One of things I have observed is that innovative ideas are not easy to come by.

“Let’s think out of the box” so goes the mantra.

How many people will do that in a group of say 10? Very few.

The thing is coming up with really really good, amazing ideas is not easy.

Coming up with original creative ideas that leads to amazing innovations is rare.

The key point here is that large companies typically fail at disruptive innovation because the top management team is dominated by individuals who have been selected for delivery skills, not discovery skills.

As a result, most executives at large organisations don’t know how to think different.

It is not something that they learn within their company, and it certainly isn’t something they are taught in business school.

Business schools teach people how to be deliverers, not discoverers.

This is why we have decided to do the short-course: The Innovator’s DNA

I love this course because we get to discover, together with the learners, the birth of new amazing ideas.

This course is for people who are not afraid of to see and experience the birth of brand new things.

Innovative thinking is an acquired skill.

I hope you will join us in this short journey of discovery.

Let’s truly create new boxes. It’s going to be amazing.

Registration is open, you may register online, we are starting next week, 04 November 2020.

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