If you asked a fish: How is the water today? 

The fish will probably reply, water? Where is water?

The fish does not know it is immersed in water, and hence cannot see the water.

“Fish discover water last” is an Ethiopian proverb.

The only way fish will discover water is if it goes out of its environment, the pond, lake, river or ocean it is immersed in.

Human beings are very similar when it comes to our own “environment,” our rituals, norms, beliefs, and our identity.

We are so immersed in our “environment” that it is difficult for us to see it, just like the fish doesn’t see the water.

“Fish discover water last” is a proverb that begs us to ask ourselves a question: What do we most take for granted in our lives.

You have a roof over your head, food, work, good relationships, both parents etc. Do you appreciate these people or are you so immersed in your life around them that you forget about the role they play in your life?

What is that thing you take for granted?

What is your water?

Water? where is water?

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