Legendary architect Renzo Piano shares stories behind some of the amazing buildings he has been involved in.

Towards the end of this talk, he talks about beauty. He says:


“Real beauty is when invisible join visible coming on surface. And this doesn’t apply only to art or nature. This applies to science, human curiosities, solidarity – that’s reason why you may say “This is a beautiful person”, “that’s a beautiful mind”.

This is a beauty that can change people by switching a special light in their eyes. And making buildings for this beauty makes cities better places to live. And better cities makes better citizens.

This universal beauty is one of the few things that can change the world. Believe me, this beauty will save the world. One person at the time, but it will do it.”


“Real beauty is when the invisible joins the visible, coming on surface.” This so resonates, thank you Renzo.

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