As the metaphor goes: The glass is half empty or half full?

If it were that simple, you would only have to learn to consider one other type of person who does not see it like you.

But the glass could be:

Not full enough

Almost full enough


Too elegant

Too clear

Not clear enough

Filled with the wrong thing

Where did the glass come from?

Is it recycleble?

Is the water from the tap or bottled?

Is the water sparkling or still?

Is that ice in the glass?

Did anyone put anything in the water?

Who gets to drink the water?

What are we going to do with the glass?

If we cut the glass in half now we have a full glass

and the list goes on…

There are too many ways to look at the glass to be able to consider [much less understand] them all.

The trick is simply to remember that there are many ways to look at the same thing.

And if we learn to be quick enough in remembering that there are many, we will become quicker to be curious instead of angry, learn instead of judge and connect instead of erode.

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