Your instincts get sharpened by following them more than by questioning them.

And that process is tough and risky and messy. Because when you follow your instincts and it does not go well, it’s on you, the fault is yours.

So we try follow rationality because it is explainable.

Following your instincts is does not make sense.

Your instincts have a default starting point of being weak.

So if all you do is question your instincts you will never know the reality of their impact…you will only have your own speculation to try to grow from.

Over time you learn whether an instinct is right or if it is just last nights pizza talking.

But your instincts get sharp by following them. By having that gut feeling and acting on it [rather than only speculating about it].

The only way to have sharp instincts is by following them, owning mistakes and losses and then following them again.

PS: Don’t get confused to think that sharp instincts only mean my way or the highway. It turns out the powerful instinct to listen, or to ask someone else’s opinion, or to let someone else lead is just as powerful and inspired and sharp.

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