When Steve Jobs was frustrated by how Microsoft was planning to do a tablet with a stylus, he was not impressed and he set about showing how a tablet should be done, he created iPads without a stylus because he said, humans have the best stylus, their fingers.

When Raymond Ackerman was frustrated by how Shoprite was being ran, he left and he started Pick’n Pay.

When Steve Biko was frustrated by the apartheid government, he decided to start his own clinic. BCP Zanempilo Clinic was established to serve as a healthcare centre catering for rural black people who would not otherwise have access to hospital facilities. He helped to revive the Ginsberg crèche, a daycare for children of working mothers, and establish a Ginsberg education fund to raise bursaries for promising local students. He helped establish Njwaxa Home Industries, a leather goods company providing jobs for local women.

Ultimately, when the dust settles, the best form of complaining is to build your own solution.

Show us how it should be done.

Build it.

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