In operations management there is a phrase that says: the strength of a chain is in its weakest link.

In South Africa, given the difficult history we come from of segregation, the unity of our country will not be determined by whether we host a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup or whether the Springboks win the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 .

It is easy to be united when good things happens, or should I rather say, it is easy to be united temporarily when you win once off events.

The strength of our country will be determined by our ability to hold difficult conversations progressively.

The strength of any relationship is determined by the ability to hold difficult conversations and solve differences.

South Africa [and the world] needs to have difficult and uncomfortable conversations about race, patriarchy, violence, superiority complex etc.

For as long as we sweep difficult conversations under the carpet, our problems will persist and our solutions will only be superficial.

Avoiding difficult conversations is continuously kicking a can up the road [not down]. Not only is it making noise, but it is also damaging your shoes.

When we avoid difficult conversations, we trade short term discomfort for long term dysfunction.

The strength of our unity will depend on our ability to have difficult conversations progressively.

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