One of the arguments against transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels is that it will expensive to build and operate alternative energy systems.

Alternative energy is said to be more expensive than existing reliance on oil and coal.

Those who argue for the continued use of coal use cost factor as their main defence.

In the past when the world was faced with difficult but important decisions, the argument of cost always raised its head.

We don’t want change because it will be expensive or we may lose our financial advantage goes the arguments against change.

Eventually the world always changed it’s mind, disregarded cost as an argument and made the right moral decision.

Take child labour for instance, we decided that we will no longer have child labour even though we knew that goods will be more expensive.

Abolishing child labour was the right moral decision to make even though it resulted in the increase in costs due to high wages for older working force.

Slavery also had some of those characteristics about 150 years ago.

Abolishing slavery resulted in goods being expensive, however the right moral decision was made nevertheless.

At some point, hopefully very soon, we need to look at the situation of climate change, and make the difficult but right and moral decision to stop relying on fossil fuels.

Like child labour, and slavery, we will have to look at the earth and say enough is enough, the right decision is to look after the earth and stop profiting from it at the expense of future generations.

The world adjusted after slavery and child labour were abolished. The world will adjust after we have banned fossil fuels.

Ps: technology is expensive at the beginning, but later on as it improves exponentially, it becomes more powerful and cheaper over time. The same principles applies to alternatively energy innovations as it does to your smartphones. It becomes more powerful and cheaper over time.

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