Someone I know believes that a key part of their role as a manager is as a therapist.

Their reasoning is straightforward: “Everybody needs a shrink. And, it is often the manager’s role to be that person.”

I have come to believe in the “everybody needs a shrink” idea over time.

We all have work through complex situations and heavy problems as part of our day-to-day. And, we benefit when we have someone in our lives who is committed to listening and helping without judging. 

Some of us hire a therapist or psychologist. Others are fortunate to have someone who plays that role in their lives during periods of need.

When my dad passed on, I was so overwhelmed with grief I had to see a professional shrink.

When people go through a traumatic life experience, they seek someone to listen to their experience without judging them.

Having someone listening to you is precious, hence the greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.

I have also come to believe that the most accessible form of therapy is writing.

If you are feeling stuck or stressed, try writing about it.

If you are feeling unclear about something, again, write [or type].

Don’t worry about writing well. Just put your thoughts down.

Write for yourself, not for an audience.

The act of doing so will clarify the situation.

Writing is like a form of therapy, you off-load what is heavy in your heart into a paper.

While writing does not and cannot replace the role of an effective therapist to a patient in need, it offers a great starting point.

More regular writing is definitely a step that leads to better mental and emotional health. And, perhaps most importantly, it is an easily accessible step.

If you need a shrink but can’t afford it, pray about it, meditate, or write about it.

The onus is just on us to start.

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