In her book Me, My Selfie and Eye: A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Janna Lopez struggles with the challenges that comes with her midlife crisis.

In an endeavour to rediscover her identity, she goes to see her counsellor who advised her to do the following three things: exercise, writing and meditation.

Who have identity issues? Do these three things.

It makes sense, take care of the body [exercise], mind [writing] and spirit [meditation].

Get mentor or some who will help you be accountable to these things.

Take morning walks, get a notebook and starting writing your thoughts, spend some alone time, meditate, no smartphone, no noise, nothing.

Practice the art of silence.

These things are free, no cost or very little cost involved.

If you struggle writing, maybe write about why you are struggling to write.

Write how you feel, not what you think.

The journey is the reward.

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