Lately, we have come to recognise the remarkable contribution of the people many considered unremarkable.

The people who stack our food on the supermarket shelves through the night.

The truck drivers who get behind the wheel every day ensuring food deliveries reach our local grocery stores.

The petrol delivery truck driver who ensures that there is petrol for us to get around.

Those who wake early to clean our hospital wards.

The workers who once felt disposable, now suddenly seen as essential. Now we know that they are essential services.

They moved from invisible workers to being essential workers.

They ensure that our loved ones are cared for in hospitals, that we got essential things delivered to us.

You see, we equated something remarkable with visibility. If you don’t see it, if it not making noise, if it is not popular, then it is not remarkable.

It so turns out the two are not the same at all.

Sometimes it is the thing we do that gets the least applause but that makes the biggest impact.

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