It is an important question, one that helps you understand if you have standards and a vision in mind.

A great chef knows when a dish is done. She knows that any changes to the temperature or spices will make it worse, not better.

Miles Davis knew that Kind of Blue was done. Any more takes and tweaks would have made it less, not more.

When I see a mediocre movie, read an unfunny section of Mad Magazine or engage with forgettable services, I wonder if they decided, “well, I’m out of time, so it’s done.” That’s not a useful standard.

Today [17 August] marks the 61st anniversary of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue album.

61 years later, an album that was recorded within 48 hours, remains the bestselling jazz album of all time.

Within 48 hours, Miles and his conspirators knew that the five songs on the album were enough.

The jazz group did not run out of time, they did not need to add more, or tweak more. Within 48 hours, they knew it was enough and ready.

For the musicians, this was as far as it goes, but for the rest of the world, this was just the beginning of an amazing album.

Thank you Miles for reminding us that sometimes, most times, less is more.

Always Miles ahead.

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