A way to measure success in post smartphone era weekends is to ask: how many times did you forget where your smartphone was? 

I found myself forgetting about my phone for hours at a time on memorable weekends.

The best weekends are those where I don’t remember where my phone is.

So, I have begun starting weekends by leaving my phone in obscure places within the home [e.g. under the pillow].

The idea is to spend less hours on my phone. I have installed a screen-monitor on my phone and it has helped reduce my screen-time tremendously.

Deleting social media apps on my smartphone and spending less time on social media has done so much to my focus and clarity of thought.

The first few days were not easy, but with more discipline, you adjust to your new normal and over time you are able to think clearer.

The more obscure the location of my phone over the weekend, the less I check it, and the better the weekend.

This weekend try doing things that makes you forget to check your phone.

Here is to the weekend where you don’t even know where your smartphone is.

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