….with your ideas?

This past week in our session of My Biggest Blunders, we had the privilege of listening to an award winning film and commercial director sharing his biggest blunders.

Producing brilliant films and commercials is about having and executing brilliant ideas.

So you have to be an ideas-person.

However, some of what looked like brilliant ideas landed him in jail… in a foreign country.

Against wise counsel from people around him, he steamed head-on with these ideas and was captured in a foreign country by rebels.

Every business is founded on an idea and that idea is based on an assumption.

We see a problem and propose a solution [maybe a new product or service], that we assume will be embraced with open arms.

Before long we have fallen headlong for our idea, often without challenging our assumptions.

Even with all the data in the world, it is not possible to know for sure how the people we hope to serve will respond until we give them the opportunity to do just that.

When we skip this step, we get caught in the trap of trying to show people why they can’t live without the thing we created. Our ideas succeed when we do exactly the opposite.

Don’t fall in love with your idea without first giving those who will adopt it a chance to show you why it is one worth pursuing.

Advice from the award-winning producer?

Yes love your ideas, but integrate wise counselling from trusted and experienced people.

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