When a flight is delayed why are the passengers who quietly accept their fate are never the ones who get priority on the next available flight?

Our instinct is to acknowledge and take care of the customer who complains the loudest.

Those who make noise tend to be the ones who get the special attention. The quiet ones are summed to be okay with the situation.

We work hardest to get the dissatisfied, those unlikely to become our biggest raving fans, to the point of satisfaction.

This strategy leaves fewer resources to delight our quiet customers.

It is easy to take the contented silent regular client for granted.

It is hard to ignore the noisy bell.

So we ignore the quiet ones and focus on the noisy bell.

Just because they are quiet does not mean they don’t see. They are quiet because they spend their time observing, not speaking.

Often they act out their observations, not speak it. When unhappy [and ignored], they do’t make noise, they quietly cancel their subscription, they quietly walk out, they quietly stop buying from you.

While you are busy trying to delight your noisy customers, ignoring your quiet ones, because you assume quiet means happy, the quiet ones silently walk out.

No drama, no noise.

Focusing on the people who don’t feel they have a voice is equally the most important work we can do.

Who are you taking for granted and how can you make them happier?

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