I have become close to brutally organised over time and I believe that has greatly helped me get more done in a day.

Choose being organised over being disorganised has been a deliberate, learned, and logical choice for me.

Here is why?

Day-to-day living is tough.

When you are not organised, you always loose things, your finances are a mess, you miss deadlines, you are late for meetings, you are always life.

It takes a lot more energy living a disorganised life, and most of the time, a disorganised life does not achieve most of it’s goals.

It will take every ounce of energy and stamina you give it and still ask for more.

And, if you make it a habit to constantly associate yourself with circles where people are better than you, you will soon notice that intelligence or aptitude are hardly ever going to make a difference.

There are some people who can get away based on pure smarts.

But, they are few and far between. A larger percentage thinks they can but find it hard to pull it off.

No, the successful people I have met are able to marry smarts and aptitude for what they do with thoughtful strategy and tactics to approach life, relentless focus, high self-discipline and a seemingly never-ending reservoir of grit and persistence for things that matter.

And, all of this would be null and void if you did not have your proverbial stuff together, if you are not organised.

Being organised results in less stress, saves your time, saves you energy, increases your efficiency, improves your focus levels, and improves your health.

Someday, I hope I will be as organised in my personal life as I am in my professional life.

I keep misplacing things all the time because I don’t keep things in their designated places, that results in much more wasted time and unnecessary stress than I would like.

But, I’m beginning to get the idea and I’m beginning to understand the sort of systems that will help. 

It is a start. 

Being organised is a way of life, a way of living well. And, if something is worth doing, I guess it is worth doing well.

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