If you ever find yourself disappointed because of a short term result, it is worth asking yourself one question:

Are you playing the short game or the long game?

In the short game, the result definitely matters.

It probably influences other inter-related results and it gives you reason for frustration, disappointment, and, in some cases, anger.

You want things to just work out and you hate any unexpected obstacles. 

In the short game, you want to postpone anything painful and difficult to after the “end.”

But, of course, there is no “end.” [well, philosophically speaking, until there is…]

When you play the long game, you learn very quickly that this stuff is not worth your time.

Your only focus is around what you are learning from these experiences.

That is how you improve your process, upgrade your skills, and avoid making similar mistakes.

So, if you feel like you are either avoiding inevitable pain, sensing negative stress, disappointment, frustration, and anger in yourself, it is probably worth taking a step back and asking yourself why you are playing the short game.

Perhaps you feel anxious and stressed by short-term results because people around you think in short term.

Perhaps it is because your environment thinks in terms of quarterly earnings reports, fund raising rounds, semester exams, or month-end targets.

Just because the environment around you thinks short terms doesn’t mean you also have to think short term.

And, ironically, thinking short-term is a great example of sacrificing effectiveness for the sake of efficiency.

Playing the short game inevitably invites negative emotions when things don’t go as per plan [and, let’s face it, the odds that things don’t go as per plan is 100%].  And, negative emotions are a guaranteed waste of time.

So, play the long game. This is one of those situations where there is a better way. And this is it.

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