Every business has a story to tell about how difficult their customers can be. Day after day there is always someone who is not happy with this or that.

There is another side to this story though.

Our side.

The story about what is at stake for us as leaders and entrepreneurs.

When we don’t live up to the expectations of our customers, when we focus only on the transaction, we shortchange not only our customers, but ourselves as well.

Our customers subconsciously mirror our attitudes and behaviour.

When we deal in transactions, we become transactional brands.

When we deal in people, we become people’s brands.

When we go above and beyond, people know.

When we are generous, they respond.

When we deal in relationships, experiences, care and mattering, we become more than our product, we becomes caring brands.

The inadequacy of the transaction is not just that it leaves customers feeling flat, it is that it denies us the opportunity to do our best, most meaningful work.

When you put the lance of relating with customers, transactions will happen.

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