Every human being we closely associate with is a result of a conscious or sub conscious choice we have made. We pick friends, life partners, colleagues, and managers.

We control the picking process more in some cases than others.

In cases where we did not directly pick a person we interact with, it was likely a result of association. A friend knows someone and I get to meet that someone through my friend.

If our friends are accomplished athletes, it is very likely they brought in a new athlete into your circle.

In the final analysis, the depth of our relationships will likely determine our happiness.

And, what is more, our intelligence, fitness, maturity and wisdom will likely be the average of the people we associate with the most.

Whether you are aware or not, your thinking and outlook towards life is likely to be shaped by people you hang out with.

Life, as a result, is an exercise in picking people.

So, as we reflect on this, let’s examine all the relationships we have picked in our life.

Let’s be open to letting go of relationships that are not working as well as they used to [I have learnt that is more because of “bad fit” rather than because of “bad people”].

These relationships are a great opportunity to fine tune our picking process.

And, after we do that, let’s make sure we take a minute or two to give thanks [or, perhaps, write a quick note?] for those relationships that make us happier, wiser and better. Those don’t come by often. And, for every one of those, congratulations to you on picking well.

Life is about creating memories, who do you want to create your memories with?

Ps: By picking people is not about screening them as if you are doing an interview short-list. It is meant to be a way of assessing who brings the good traits out of you but also who can you contribute your good traits to.

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