Paul Jobs asked his young son, Steve to go paint the wall outside the house.

Steve Jobs said: “Yeah sure dad, I will do that.”

A few hours later, Steve Jobs’s father came outside to inspect the wall.

And he said to Steve:

“You did a great job painting the outside of the wall, but you didn’t paint the inside of the wall.”

Steve looked as his dad and said: “No one is going to see the inside of the wall.”

Paul responded: “But we will.”

Years later, Steve Jobs is with his design team and they are working on their first Apple Macintosh.

Steve looks at his team and says: “I want you to make the outside of this computer very beautiful. But also make the inside of the computer so stunning that when people look at it, tears will come down their eyes.”

But the design team said: “But Steve no one is going to look at the inside of the computer.”

Steve Jobs responded: “But we will.”

When he saw the inside of the Macintosh for the first time, he was overwhelmed with emotions.

Not only was Steve Jobs a remarkable entrepreneur, he was also an artist.

To prove that, he even asked his design team to sign the inside board of computer.

When they asked him why, he said all artists sign their work.

Inscribed inside the casing of every mac, unseen to the outside world, were the signatures of the whole team.

This was apple’s way of affirming that the new innovation was a product of the whole team, the persons and individuals who worked and created it and not the organisation.

This was Steve Job’s way of saying this is my masterpiece..!

See yourself as an artist who’s striving to master his artistry.

Let every product your deliver, every service you do be your masterpiece.

Don’t just be beautiful outside for other people to see, be beautiful inside for you to see as well.

As a leader, empower your team to perceive their work as art, not just for others to see, but also for themselves.

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