What have you produced yesterday, last week or two weeks ago? What have you created recently?

What is that thing that you took from a blank sheet, canvas, material, or idea and turned it into something of value?

I’m not talking about updating your social media or sending an email or text message.

Think about it.

Important and valuable as they are, I’m not talking about making tea, or cooking dinner but more about growing our own food.

I’m referring to creating and building something for the first time, be it a prototype, an article, a poem, a poster, a code etc.

The thing is it easier to buy and consume than to produce.

We were born into a consumerist society, where consuming is second nature.

The economy is structured to make it easier to fund consumers, than producers.

The infrastructure, education systems, marketing messages, finance products are geared to get more and more people to consume than produce.

We hardly think about producing things.

Yes producing things is risky because you may be rejected, but how about producing things for yourself as a start and then improve from there.

The large majority of people are consumers because it is safer. Most of them afford their lifestyle by taking debt.

They enslave themselves and limit their options.

But logically, this planet has another type of people, the ones who are selling the products to this majority. 

These are the people with a completely different mindset. They are called producers.

They are driven by the force to innovate, to produce to solve problems and to create beautiful shiny products and services that provide value.

Not everyone is made to become an entrepreneur, but you can also become an investor, sole proprietor, freelancer, you can produce and sell stuff in your free time, partner up etc. There are numerous ways of becoming a producer.

You can break free from being only a consumer by becoming a producer as well.

The sooner you switch sides, the sooner life becomes easier. 

You get more ideas, you see more opportunities, you are more immune to all the advertising messages, and even more importantly: the will to create and contribute awakens in you. 

Switching from a consumer to a producer mindset can be one of the greatest things you do in life.

First you produce and provide value, which creates financial independence for you, and then you consume.

The idea is to develop the habit of producing things.

Your brain is a factory, not a warehouse.

Our mantra should always be:

“Here I made this, what do you think?”

So here is a blank piece of sheet, or some basic materials, or some seedlings, or some basic tools, or anything you may have in your room, go make something, let’s start with something for you.

Good luck, not that you will need it, you got this.

At Lora Academy, we work with sharpening the skills of producers, we strive to create a community of producers. If you would love to be a producer, consider joining our 5 months online entrepreneurship programme.

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