Lerato has been a successful financial advisor for many years.

She is at the point where she does not need to advertise her services.

Lerato chooses the clients she wants to work with and generally only takes on new clients by referral.

She is intentionally built the kind of business she wants.

Lerato will tell you that the secret of her success is down to one thing, learning from her competitors.


“I spent a lot of time paying attention to my competitors. But instead of  worrying about what they excelled at, I wanted to know where they fell short. I found out what they would not do for their clients. And then I did the things they were not prepared to do for mine. Now, sometimes those things did not scale. They were no systems and processes I could easily automate. To an outsider that might have looked like a short-term disadvantage, but over time things that were not easy to replicate turned into my competitive advantage.”


It turns out that differentiation happens in the heads, but mostly in the hearts, of your customers.

Your competitive advantage is going to come from your competitor’s weaknesses not strength.

What is the story your competitor does not want to tell?

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