‘Too much to do’,

‘It’s too cold.’

‘It’s too hot.’

‘Open up the economy.’

‘I’m tired of lockdown.’

‘Can I see the manager?’

‘Are you the one in charge?’

‘This person is not helpful.’

‘That person is not helping at all… why?!’

blah blah blah etc etc.

Enough is enough.

Everyone is complaining, on TV, social media, newspapers.

It is open season for complaining. It is as if there are Olympics medals for the best complainers.

No more talk of complaining. I have decided I’m going to give no complaining a shot.

Over the years, living up to this blog has helped me cut down a big part of my complaining.

And now, I would like to test if I can stop doing so altogether.

I don’t know if this is necessarily smart, I have read articles about a dash of complaining being good for you.

Refusing to complain is a little like refusing to eat cake, or gossip.

Some of the benefits of not complaining:

  • You will simply feel better.
  • Be more in CONTROL of your circumstances.
  • Have more choice.
  • Feel more empowered and in charge.
  • Overall less anger and aggression [anxiety does that to you]
  • Less overwhelm.

In this upside-down world everywhere you look everyone is complaining, it is when you don’t complain that you can feel like a loser.

But, I have also read that Martin Luther King Jr never complained.

Either way, I will only know if I attempt to stop complaining.

My ideal outcome would be to be able to catch myself when I moan, propose a way out and move on.

Let’s see.

This should be interesting.

Of course, any company in this challenge is more than welcome. 😉


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