One interesting story I have recently learned about the attitudes we need to have during difficult times is the jack story:


A guy is driving through a deserted highway when one of his tires blows out.

He gets out of his car, opens his boot to look for a spare tire and realises he does not have a jack.

He realises that he has to walk to the petrol station he passed ten kilometers behind.

As he walks, he says to himself: ‘I hope he has a jack’.

Half way through, he mumbles anxiously: ‘He better have a jack.’

When he is close, he growls: ‘The guy better let me use his jack.’

Minutes later, he arrives at the petrol station hot and fuming.

He sees the owner in the garage and says: ‘Hey buddy, you can forget it. Keep your stinkin’ jack!’

He turns back and marches ten kilometers back to his car… With no jack.’


Why spend all your energy thinking about all disastrous consequences?

Not only do you upset yourself, you also take away your ability to deal with the problem at hand.

Don’t build a jack story.

Here is to remembering the jack story and smiling at misfortunes the past few weeks.

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