When we find ourselves caught up in the middle of chaos, one that halts everything, our initial reaction would be to panic.

However once the initial subsides, we have two choices to make as a way-forward:

We can buy into the stress, the noise and the craziness and make it even more chaotic. That is certainly how it spreads.

It feels like the right thing to do–to join in on the anxiety. But it is not.

In fact, the anxiety does not help anyone, and probably makes it harder for those in need.

If you are needed to go help, then go help. But if you are not, if the chaos will get worse if you amplify it, consider a different path.

The other path is to take this moment in time to dig deep and figure out what is next.

In the middle of every market interruption, someone starts building a new market. In the midst of a career adjustment, new careers are built.

Instead of panicking and being frustrated, use this time to hibernate and catch-up on your personal development.

The LORA Entrepreneurship Programme is a programme to consider when you want something that will keep focused you away from the chaos and at the same time help you level up.

The online sessions begin on Saturday, 13 June. The sessions are live, interactive and real-time.

This is an online entrepreneurship and innovation programme where you meet and work with like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors.

We have committed to finding people who want to work with each other in a journey to improve and level up.

You can do it from where you are in your career, and where you are in the world, and a five months later, you will have learned a few new ways forward.

In the midst of a chaos, you can choose to be lost in the chaos with the crowd or you can choose to take a short detour away from the noise and improve yourself.

The magic of learning is that it is yours. Even after the chaos subsides.

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