Louis Pasteur discovered vaccination by accident.

The idea that the same bacteria that caused the disease would be the key to becoming immune to it was so ahead of its time that it would have been impossible to get there by logical thought.

An accident was required.

Louis Pasteur did not get there by accident though.

He was one of the most accomplished germ researchers of his time and was experimenting on germs every day.

He worked hard to create the circumstances that allowed the accident to take place and, when it did, he was open enough to consider what the accident could mean.

He basically created his own luck.

There were other doctors and researchers who had observed similar germ behavior before him but they brushed it away.

Louis Pasteur’s openness to serendipity combined with his acquired skills is what made vaccination possible.

Serendipity and luck have a funny way of showing up when you are most prepared and still open to a new idea that might change all your assumptions.

We don’t find serendipity. Serendipity finds us.

We just have to be open enough to allow it to happen…

Ps: Serendipity is the the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

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