I don’t know French. I can’t play the piano.

I have no clue how to catch a bony catfish.

This is the first kind of don’t know.

Stuff you don’t know because you have not been taught it yet.

Books are awfully good at solving this problem, so are good teachers.

Once you get the lessons, then you know. Problem solved.

Then there is the second “I don’t know.”

This second kind of ‘don’t know’ is often confused with the first type, but it is really quite different.

This is the person who says they don’t know how to cook, or that they can’t balance a balance sheet. This is not about technique or a lack of knowledge.

It is usually either fear or lack of interest.

People with this type of deficit won’t find the answer in a book or [usually] in a seminar either.

You don’t learn how to cook from a cookbook.

The answer lies in trial and error and motivation and in overcoming the fear that makes us avoid the topic in the first place.

This “I don’t know” is the product of I’m afraid to trying because of fear.

Even attending a course won’t help you because your fear will stop you from implementing what you learned.

And why should an entrepreneur or marketer care?

You need to care because if you try to solve the second kind of ignorance with a manual or a PDF or a blog post or even a long advert, you are going to fail.

If you discover that users are afraid or resistant to what you are trying to get them to do, more information is almost always the incorrect response.

The effective technique involves peer pressure and support and in changing the design and inputs of what you’re doing so that this group is more receptive to what’s on offer.

For example, internet penetration is not up by a factor of 20 because people read a lot of copies of Internet for Dummies.

It happened because of what peers said to each other over time, and because the act of getting online is a lot easier than it used to be.

And you can help that happen.

People like us do things like these is the best to deal with the second type of “I don’t know.”

You want to be an entrepreneur? You don’t know where to start? You need information and experience to help you overcome your “I don’t know?”

Then register for the LORA Entrepreneurship Programme. We know you are scared to start, let us help you overcome your fear of entrepreneurship.



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