The last eight weeks have been like no other.

An unfolding tragedy, unevenly distributed. An economic freeze. A media frenzy.

It is easy to be exhausted, especially since there is still quite a lot of slog left to go.

Is it too soon to wonder what’s next?

And at the heart of it: how can you contribute?

Average work for average people is going to be worth less than ever before.

Typical employees doing typical work are going to be less respected and valued than ever before.

And just as expectations are being shifted, new opportunities will arise. They always do.

So what’s next?

A commitment to learning and to possibility.

The pandemic demonstrated, among other things, that we all have access to each other digitally. That if you want to learn something, the chance is there. That internet connections can be powerful, and that leadership is priceless.

The industrial era, struggling for the last decade or two, is now officially being replaced by one based on connection and leadership and the opportunity to show up and make a difference.

That is why we have run 12 sessions of the LORA Entrepreneurship Programme and why we are going to run another one this summer.

We are not going to wait for everything to be back to normal, because it never will, and because the best time to contribute is right now.

When I launched this five years ago, I had no idea that the world would shift in this way and we would need new voices and new leadership so much right now.

I hope you will check it out.

Today’s the very best chance to level up.

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