A friend recently shared: Lamborghini does not advertise on television because people who buy Lamborghini’s don’t watch television.

The idea applies pretty much to everything we do.

For example, do we understand where people who read our blogs, and use our offerings hang out?

Where do your customers hang out?

Perhaps even more pertinently, where do those who we would like to hang around with, be like and learn from [i.e. our friends] hang out?

Our closest friendships form during high school, university and graduate school because of this reason, we are surrounded by a group of people with similar ideas and dreams for an extended period of time.

This sort of environment becomes harder and harder to replicate as we move through life but it makes for great question to ask every once a while: where does my tribe exist and how can I find them?

Since they are not watching TV, where do Lambo  owners hang out?

Bring it closer to home, where do your customers hang out? which social media sites do the hang out at? how do they spend their weekends? what is their pain? what is their hopes and dreams?

The best part about this question is that begs a deeper set of questions: who am I?, why am I here?, and what tribes do I want to be part of or create?


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